Esprix Stables

High Performance Riding Club

Programs offered:

1. Weekly Lessons: Recreational and Competitive

2. Therapeutic Lessons

3. At Risk Youth Programs

4. School Based Programs

5. Summer Camps: Special Needs

6. Summer Camps: Recreational 

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Summer Horse Camps

Dates available: 

July 6-10     August 10-14

July 13-17    August 17-21

July 20-24    August 24-28 

July 27-30

Times: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Price: $80/day (members)    $90/day (non-members) 


We offer camps for beginner to experienced leveled riders.

We supply the horse, tack and equipment needed for riding.

Lesson Format

High Performance Riding offers English riding lessons, with instruction in basic riding technique and jumping on an excellent selection of school horses suitable to riders of all skill levels. Our lesson program is focused on developing confident, well-rounded riders capable of riding a variety of horses, maintaining a solid position both on the flat and over small jumps.


Our lessons are available on the following times:

 Times Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday 
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 Evening xSpace AvailableSpace AvailableSpace Available
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Students attend regular weekly lessons in private (1 rider), semi-private (2 riders), or group (3-8 riders) arrangements. Lessons are 50 minutes in length and commence on the hour. Students should arrive 20-30 minutes prior to their lesson time in order to properly groom and tack up their assigned horse.

Students are also responsible for ensuring that their horse is properly cooled out and groomed after the lesson, and that the horse’s tack is put away in a correct and tidy manner.

For students that have been deemed ready, jumping lessons will be conducted no more than every other week, and will concentrate on flatwork on the alternate weeks. High Performance Riding reserves the right to alter the schedule as necessary to accommodate the needs of the horses, particularly following events or prolonged breaks.



Students must equip themselves with an ASTM safety-approved helmet; long, close-fitting pants that won’t rub or chafe; and boots with a flat sole and a low heel.



Our lesson programs are open to all riders of all abilities. We start by teaching the basic skills and continue to progress through your lessons.



Unlike our introductory courses and camps, the lesson program does not have any defined start or end dates. Rather, it runs on a continuous basis, and students may commence lessons at any time. While most of our students ride regularly for prolonged periods of time, our schedule is quite dynamic, and the availability of lessons for any rider may vary. Thus, available vacancies must be discussed with an office administrator to arrange a start date.      

To register for horse camp please fill out the form below:

REGISTRATION.pdf             WAIVER.pdf


Private - $65 (1 hour) or $45 (1/2 hour)

Semi-Private - $55 (1 hour)

Group - $45 (1 hour)


Payment Policy

We understand that life can get very busy and under extreme circumstances (i.e. Sickness or Weather) that lessons can not be met. We would require at least 24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation. 

Program descriptions

Weekly Lessons: Recreational and Competitive 

Esprix Stables offer lessons for beginner to advanced riders.  They have lessons for children, teens and adults, these lessons are available during multiple times throughout the week. Esprix Stables specialized in Hunter Jumper but we also cater to those who want to ride for recreational purposes. You will find more information below on "Lesson Format".

Therapeutic Lessons

The personal goals set for each rider vary as much as the riders do. Improved physical strength, muscle tone, balance, mobility and hand-eye coordination are some of the visibly enhanced skills. The more subtle improvements are increased self-esteem, self-control and self-confidence. Clients pursue therapeutic riding for physical fitness and a recreational pursuit.  Many previous families report the relationship with the horse is motivating to keep the riders coming back to sessions. Many goals including but not limited to physical, language, social and hygiene can be achieved through riding.

The need for programs is evident by the 2 year waiting list at various therapeutic riding clinics. They provide therapeutic riding in a group setting only and have no therapists on staff.  They are unable to provide year round programs due to limitations of existing infrastructure.  With horse and therapy related staff we are able to provide individualized goal based programming in individual or small group lessons depending on abilities and requirements.

We are able to provide long term, personalized programming with a greater variation of programs due to year round facilities.  Early intervention is proven in research to be the best approach to achieving milestones. 

Full ownership of a new, well-built facility ensures the continuation of a long standing program as well as qualified professionals who are committed to providing the most effective programming possible. 

Many communities that require this type of programming that include, but are not limited to: Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, County of Parkland, Drayton Valley, Devon as well as Edmonton residents who can-not currently access local services.  Any horse related and therapy services are a costly endeavor but the benefits are multifaceted. The treasure of this approach is that it addresses goals in a functional, non-clinical setting.

As for our special needs riders, Sheri has been able to have the privilege of working with children who have been exposed to drugs & alcohol in utero, Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and other challenges. 

We have a new instructor Alana Mombourquette, who graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education, with her concentration in Adapted Physical Education. She is going back to school to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy and Hippotherapy, which will aid in the Therapeutic Riding/Special Needs Assessments.

Sheri was also part of the group that saw junior high age students who were at risk of leaving school learn the basics of riding.  This exposed them to learning in a situation that was fun and un-judged.  The result of this program was in increase in self esteem and a desire to learn more about the horse through books which increased the literacy dramatically.  It was also pointed out to me that kids that had this kind of opportunity were much less likely to get into trouble. 

At Risk Youth Programs

Therapeutic horsemanship program, which means that in addition to learning to ride the horse they also learn to prepare the horse (to the maximum of his/her ability) for the riding lesson. The student also learns the process of preparing the horse for the lesson as well as a feeling of responsibility and care for the horse. Many of these youth haven’t had good models for being taken care of.  They need to learn step by step how to take responsibility and become contributing members of society.  The horse brings no baggage to a session and although these youth often don’t learn well in a situation where they are challenged by an instructor, in this situation it is the horse who brings the challenge to the table.  After having been bounced through the system, houses and schools, many of these children need consistency to allow them to relax and open up their protective shields.

School Based Programs

Each rider has different needs and therefore each lesson is set up to facilitate the rider to meeting his/her goals. Often an individual with a disability has a whole team of professionals and supporters who together with the client assess the goals for that individual each year. Program staff are members of the planning team and we take these goals and modify them in order to apply them functionally to horseback riding.

Summer Day Camps-Special Needs

The summer day camps are 5- day riding groups that run for 3 hours each day for 5 days. The day camps are full of horse related activities as well as one and a half hour group therapy sessions. The whole camp is surrounded around the social aspects of riding and activities involving teamwork. Students love this opportunity and look forward to participating year after year.

Summer Day Camps – Recreational

We offer riding camps throughout the year, and run based on the Parkland School Division calendar.  We will be running a novice / pre-competitive boot camp during the Fall break, addressed specifically to children interested in showing, but have little experience in the complete care of a horse. Our program includes: 7 hours/day, 5 days, horse welfare, competition preparation, feeding for competition, grooming & braiding, tack care & maintenance, and first aid.